At ACCESS Dental Laboratories, We’re Adding Value!

Led by Mr. Todd R. Reid Sr., our mission is to continue to be a first class dental laboratory that covers all of your dental needs. Mr. Todd R. Reid Sr. is the President and CEO of ACCESS Dental Laboratories. He has been in the dental industry for over 25 years. He is a model expert and accomplished ceramist.

Our Team

Mr. Todd R. Reid, Sr.

President and CEO of ACCESS Dental Laboratory is a Master Ceramist, Executive Consultant and Professional Speaker. His expertise is in Leadership Development, Unconventional Education and Individual Empowerment.

Mr. Reid earned a Special Education Diploma from Mynderse Academy in Seneca Falls, New York and was subsequently hired by a dental laboratory, industry leader to begin his career as a dental technician. He was inspired by others in the field but could not afford formal training. Instead of giving up and walking away, he decided to use Google and YouTube to master his craft. After countless hours of training and preparation from videos and books, he earned the title, Master Ceramist.

Mr. Reid’s recipe for success is “take bits and pieces from all of your life experiences.” “Learn from your failures because you can build from them. Don’t let the set backs stop you. Your real life starts after you graduate from high school. Nothing I learned in high school, prepared me for adult life. What I know for sure is, I learn at my pace and I define my success. I refuse to let anyone else define success for me. I write my goals down. I track them quarterly and for long-term goals, I use a vision board. I am my only obstacle. No one else can stop me.”

His goal is empowerment for those who would otherwise be overlooked or rejected. He is his ancestors’ wildest dream.

Mr. Samuel J. Jackson

Chief Operating Officer at Access Dental Laboratories is a motivated, driven, executive in his company. He specializes in building strong, passionate, leadership oriented management teams to successfully implement action plans that align with corporate strategy, policies and sales goals.

With his experience in management and architectural design, Mr. Jackson was able to successfully assist his partners Todd and Dr. Shanelle Benson Reid in planning, designing and building the first African American full-service dental laboratory in the United States.
Samuel Jackson is a motivational and empowerment speaker, and an advocate for the education of his community. Being a life long resident of his home town of Syracuse, NY, his goal is to motivate community leaders to add value to people through support and relationships, empowering individuals to take advantage of resources and funding for community growth and wellness while educating them on the standard and structure that it will take to achieve change.

Mr. Jackson believes with the history and culture he is helping to create for his community through ACCESS Dental, he can be an intricate part in giving this generation and the next a new, different option to look to when planning the paths for their futures.

Rick Hemmes, CDT

Director of Education and Ceramic Manager 

Before joining Access Dental Laboratories Rick has worked in various clinical capacities, working as a chair-side assistant and as an in-house ceramist/technician for several years while teaching and demonstrating Fixed Oral Prosthetics in other laboratories. He then worked with labs to Train and Manage in the area of Ceramics and Implants. His specialty is Smile Design reconstruction and All-Ceramic restorations along with Implants. He is a graduate of the Clinical Research Associates’ Fixed Oral Prosthetic Program for Private Laboratory Technicians in Provo, UT under the teaching of John F. Archibald, CDT who is Dr. Gordon J. Christensen’s, DDS, MSD, PhD in-house technician. 

Rick’s passion is Education, and he has studied with many talented technicians and doctors including Willi Geller, Don Cornell, Aki Yoshida, Yasu of Oral Design in Boston, Matt Roberts, Naoki Hayashi just to name a few along with Dr. Pete Dawson, Dr. John Kois, The Pankey Institute and LVI. Rick’s unique training in Gnathology And Neuromuscular Dentistry gives him an edge on Implants, Full Mouth rehabilitation and High-End Aesthetic restorations. His experience in working with and understanding all the different types of ceramic systems, alloys and implants is vital in helping doctors to make the best choice of materials in treatment planning. Rick has an extensive network in the dental industry because of his strong commitment to collaboration. His motto is, “You are not made to do it alone”. If he doesn’t know the answer, he will know someone that will. 

Alexa Dence

Alexa Dence is the Logistic & Supply Manager at Access Dental Laboratories. A native of Syracuse, NY, she graduated from Henninger High School in 2014. Alexa brings seven years of customer service experience to Access Dental Laboratories. Over those seven years, she worked in patient care and is fluent in multiple business operating systems. “In the work field, I am very organized and determined. I try to perfect everything I do and I am always excited and ready to learn new things. With my experience, I hope to help our company grow. I plan to always be dependable, reliable and become an expert in my department while adding value to the people working alongside of me.” Alexa loves to travel and spend time with her family. Her recipe to success is: “What you have been through doesn’t define you. Even when times get rough, don’t sit in your sorrow. Think of what you will do better tomorrow to secure your future for the rest of your life. And sometimes, when you envision your best life, your goals may seem too big or out of reach, but even the most successful people did not become who they are overnight. Make every day count!”

Melissa Rogers

Cad Cam Department Manager 

Melissa Rogers, Cad Cam Department Manager at Access Dental Laboratories, with six years of experience as a dental technician, has special training in the designing of custom implant abutments, cad cam software, finishing, ceramics, models, and assisted patients while taken custom shades. Additionally, Melissa has completed two years of medical assistant courses at Bryant and Stratton College.

Her hobbies include professional archery, painting, listening to live music and competitive equestrian. Melissa is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys hiking with her dogs. With her great leadership, effective communication skills and attention to detail; she aims to achieve a professional relationship between clients and patients providing them with high quality services and care here at Access Dental Laboratories.

LaVar Harris

Removable Department Manager of Access Dental Laboratories, is a 25yrs Experience Dental Technician, 10yrs Experience Department Manager. His expertise is in the areas of Removables at a High Level of Attention to Detail to Model Work, Set-Up, Waxing, Processing, Finishing, Polishing, Chair Side Impression, Surgical Guides/Attachment Placement and Quality Control Experience all at a Master Level. Great Leadership Abilities to create an Successful Environment for a Successful Department. He has spent his adult life with continuous Dental Education in the Field and with ViVa CDE Learning. Also in my Hometown leading groups of young adults. Looking to Travel on the Right Path or just Simply how to become a better person.

LaVar Harris’s Personal motto is “Each One Can Teach One”

Taylor Mott

Advanced CAD Cam Designer

Taylor Mott has years of experience in the dental field; the last 3 being focused solely on full arch cases. Before graduating, Taylor started working as a CAD designer in the dental field, spearheading him to acquire his Associates Degree in science from the Ulster County Community College. While enrolled in the early college program HVPA (P-Tech), Taylor has taken lean manufacturing courses, OSHA, Excel, and AutoCAD, as well as having hands-on experience in 3D modeling software such as Solid-works and Inventor.

Previous to relocating to Syracuse, Mr. Mott had the experience of working on Full arch PMJIGs, PMMAs, and Final Zirconia Full arches. Taylor’s responsibilities at Access Dental Laboratories include leading his department in Implant cases and implementing an all-digital workflow. With a unique college experience focused on teamwork and creative problem solving, Taylor will effectively communicate and work with Drs. to provide predictability and ensure that cases are handled correctly from the start.

Job Readiness and Training

Dental Technician Training

Critical for imparting knowledge and growing the laboratory. People from the Syracuse community are trained on the latest techniques and trends of the industry.

Model Training

Most important training program in the laboratory. Model training is crucial to learning and understanding foundational, dental technician standards.

CADCAM Training

Digital / Technical training necessary for streamlining and revolutionizing the design process. CADCAM training is vital to production. Ceramic Training – This is the final step of the manufacturing process. Ceramic training is required to guarantee an accurate and aesthetically pleasing end product.

Curriculum Design

Education and training is essential. Creating curriculum that surpasses industry standards is imperative for employee development and company growth.